Smart Transportation Systems Summit Ended

The 1st International Smart Transport Systems Summit, hosted by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority has ended.

On the second day of the summit, panels on the importance of intelligent transportation were organized. ’Rise of AUS; Information and Communication en was moderated by BTK 2nd President Figen Kılıç. Also Turksat A.Ş. General Manager Cenk Sener, Paul Doany, CEO of Turk Telekom, Vodafone Turkey Executive Vice President Maintenance and Meltem Sahin, Turkcell CEO Advisor Mustafa Aykut and PTT Information Technology Inc. General Manager İsmail Köse accompanied in panel.

”Smart city, intelligent transportation, smart agriculture, irrigation, health services are on our agenda for years. Remotely managed white goods, autonomous vehicles, tools to regulate traffic and smart ways to talk to each other are not far away. With the developments in technology, the way of wisdom is changing day by day. We are now talking about artificial intelligence.

Ms. Kılıç said that the rise of Smart Transportation Systems depends on information and communication. Especially the developments in communication technologies and the rationalization of the systems, as well as the data obtained from these data, are increasing. The two have become events that trigger each other. Especially when we consider AUS, it is clear that the most effective factor is communication competencies. Our guests in this panel also contribute to the rise of AUS with innovations in different fields in their fields. We will evaluate the work they started and planned.

Upon completion of the panels summit, Turkey’s General Assembly was concluded with AUS.