About Us

Who we are?

PTT Teknoloji; PTT group, especially public and private sector, information, communication, finance, defense technologies, artificial intelligence and digital transformation areas and mobile priority areas, customer experience, which provides high value-added, high-quality, cost-effective innovative systems and solutions, is an agile technology company that offers and operates managed services.

PTT Teknoloji has made a target unity in line with its establishment objectives; The team consists of a dynamic, innovative team who are experts in their own fields, who attach importance to business ethics and professional sensitivities and who are dominating new technologies.

Our Goals

  • Development of R & D projects & Technology products,
  • Performing activities in Managed Services,
  • Providing IT Strategy and Business Consulting services,
  • Development of projects in the context of IT and Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK),
  • Development of FinTech products by using Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies,
  • Obtaining necessary BRSA support services licenses for banking information systems operations.

Our Vision

In the field of information and communication technologies; to be pioneer company to develop domestic and national technologies without losing its dynamism while maintaining a long life and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Mission

In information, communication, finance, defense technologies and digital transformation areas; to provide system, infrastructure and middle layer integration solutions, communication and secure communication platforms, mobile application and software solutions for public and private sector institutions and organizations with high quality, cost effective, high value-added and innovative products and services.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Ethical Principles

PTT  Teknoloji; conducts its duties in accordance with the principles of impartiality, honesty and justice in accordance with the corporate ethics policy.

Commitment to Corporate Strategies

PTT Teknoloji personnel act in accordance with corporate strategies while carrying out their duties, protects the interests of the organization and avoids any action or action that would harm it.

Behavior and Labor Relations

PTT Teknoloji personnel act with the awareness that they represent the institution in their business relations, in and out of service, and show that they are worthy of the trust and trust required by this task.


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