PttTel Success Story


Industry : Posta
Staff: 44.500
Location: Türkiye çapında 4.500 nokta
Sectoral Ranking: 1
Customer Date 2018 Nisan

PttTel Success Story

PTT was established in 1840 as a Post Office; It is a large institution that has been providing mail, telegraph and communication services for 178 years. PTT, PTT and Türk Telekom A.Ş. After the restructuring and conversion into a joint-stock company in 2013, the strategic and digital transformation program has started. With its affiliate companies established in different fields and innovative technology investments, it has passed to the private sector dynamics and is ready for international competition.

PTT; In the context of strategic and technological transformation at the beginning of 2018, digital transformation is triggered by the following 3 factors;

  • Development of technology and access methods,
  • Deterioration of comfort areas of all sectors with increasing global competition,
  • PttTel (PttMessenger) pioneered the development of the Instant Messaging and Video Communication Platform within the framework of the transformation of employee and customer profile and expectations

PttTel is used not only for one-on-one messaging but also for group messaging, voice and video calls, primarily for inside of company and internal staff, then for communication and sharing with subsidiaries, then for communication with business partners and suppliers, for correspondence, for file and task sharing.

With PttTel’s widespread use in our corporations, communication, data and information security has been ensured and a product / service solution based on local server systems has prevented loss of data, loss of data and jobs and transfer of data to undesired parties.

Challenges and Solutions

Unsecured communication

Foreign origin, open to the public, and data and information recorded on the platform and services to establish security vulnerabilities creates.


PttTel’s national engineering capabilities and safety have been developed taking into account world-proven methodologies and technologies. The system and its services are designed to operate under secure firewalls and using secure protocols. Security is achieved using standard protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and advanced security mechanisms.

Remote and Long distance voice and video meeting

Turkey’s most extensive network of branch offices and the institutions of the PTT group, as necessary, additional manpower for talks and meetings, business and spent financial resources.


PTT employees, who are at a distance from each other with PTTEL product, can make their meetings and meetings with different departments in the same environment as high quality, safe, uninterrupted and cost-free.

System performance and communication interruption

Due to the occasional interruption of international networks and connections in the use of foreign orgin platforms and services; In the internal communication of institutions working in large and scattered structures, significant shortcomings, losses and weaknesses occur in data, information and file sharing.


PttTel has been developed to solve such problems and has been made available to our institutions. PTT Teknoloji software and support team is at their desk for 24/7 task and provides all kinds of support to the users.

Independent application and security layer in each device

Corporate employees, corporate computers and phones with special; With the special devices, it was also able to do corporate conversation, messaging, data, information and file sharing. Each device required a security layer and network connection. Each of these studies required a separate level of expertise and was costly.


Thanks to PttTel, both private and corporate communication, messaging, voice and video meetings and data, information and file sharing can be made with one device. With PttTel application installed on personal computers and / or IOS and Android devices, secure communication can be established at any time and in coordination.