Apply the convenience of the digital world in your corporate processes! Speed up your company and processes with PttTel!

With PttTel, which is developed on open source architectures with its national engineering capabilities and competes with global corporate products, we have made written, audio and video calls fast, efficient, safe and economical from anywhere on smart devices and computers. Unlike cloud or mass use methods, have a safe and efficient platform to operate in your own data centers!

The outstanding feature of PttTel is that it was developed with a ”mobile first“ focused vision. PttTel has been created using the most secure solutions known with open source systems.
PttTel only works in in safe mode ve, while configuration and customization are required to secure systems in equivalent enterprise applications.


Provides an enterprise, secure instant communication environment for your staff.


PttTel has been developed considering the world-proven methodology and technologies. The system and its services operate within the framework of secure protocols, corporate security systems and corporate architectures.


Instead of using different applications for different functions, PttTel provides multi-functional ease of use with optimized resource utilization. PttTel is designed to achieve the best performance during communication.


PttTel provides efficient accessibility with platform independent structure. It can serve from mobile phones, tablets or computers.


PttTel can save time by meeting your needs such as instant messaging, instant group messaging, video call, video and voice call, photo, video, location and file sharing on a single platform.


PttTel is designed with corporate needs in mind and has the characteristics of increasing the productivity and motivation of employees.


PttTel has a design that is suitable for updating due to its development with national engineering capabilities. The R & D team approaches the user demands from an innovative point of view in order to make the most use from PttMessenger.

Complete your Digital Transformation with PttTel!

PttTel enables the basis for the execution of corporate communication activities in a digital environment and saves time and costs. PttTel is contributing to digital transformation by creating a platform where institutions and businesses can store, manage and transfer digitalized data and business processes safely and efficiently.

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