Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System

Enabling Your Potential With The Power Of Iot in Vehicle Tracking

Ptt Teknoloji Vehicle Tracking System is practical; you have the ability to monitor vehicles from anywhere on the Internet. You will not have any difficulties with the system’s easy and fast usage as well as software the developed for your needs. Provides secure, fast, easy data transfer and easy installation with superior Technologies hardware.

Ptt Teknoloji Vehicle Tracking System is technological; vehicle Blocking, Idle / Ignition Input, Emergency Button, etc. optional features. You can follow the vehicle route unlimited thanks to the ownership of all world maps. You can control the route of your vehicles via digital map with fleet or single vehicle tracking.

Ptt Teknoloji Vehicle Tracking System is reliable; after parking your vehicles, you can get report for mobility of vehicle and how it is used without your knowledge and permission. By monitoring your long-distance vehicles on the digital map, you will have vehicle control and driver safety.

Ptt Teknoloji Vehicle Tracking System’s Benefits

  • Ensures the safety of all kinds of transportation, objects and people.
  • Fuel and operating costs are kept under control.
  • Standardizes your quality with accurate time management and workflow.
  • Supports you to be ahead of your competitors with service satisfaction rate and profit increase.
  • Provides the right strategic planning and right performance management.
  • Creates a more powerful organization system with wide reporting options.

Fleet Management

  • With the fleet management system, you can access all the official documents of your vehicles on a single interface.
  • Oil maintenance of your fleet, periodic maintenance and so on.
  • All movements are notified to you before the time of maintenance.
  • Accident histories of your vehicles can be monitored on a single interface.
  • With fuel integrations, you can control the fuel expenses of your entire fleet.
  • With the traffic penalty portal you can manage all fines delivered to you on one interface.
  • You can manage your fleet’s real-time costs through a single interface by performing repair and maintenance cost management.

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